Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lorelei is here!

Hey guess what! Lorelei Donovan came in weighing 8 lbs, 14. oz. on Thursday, April 9 about 2:03 in the afternoon. Everyone is doing great, and we're excited to have a new little baby girl to grow with us on our journey.
Lorelei literally means "mumuring rock", and though it was used as the name of a siren who would sing to lure sailors to their deaths, I prefer to think of it from a Biblical standpoint of Luke 19:40. Jesus is in the week before his crucifixion and ressurrection and the disciples and followers are cheering him saying "Blessed is the King!" Some Pharisees try to get Jesus to make them be quiet, and Jesus responds, "I tell you, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." You tell them Jesus. To God be the Glory, and thanks for the many blessings in my daughter, our own little murmuring rock.

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Emily said...

FINALLY, a blog post!! ;)
I <3 Lorelei!